The Earth is Full of Thy Riches O LORD

Verse of the Day, May 15, 2020

Psalm 104:24 KJV “O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.”

We dazzle and marvel at many of the things the LORD ALMIGHTY has created. From people; Mozart, Picasso, Wayne Gretzky, Albert Einstein, and Michael Jordan. To things; the cotton gin, sliced bread, trees, sun, moon, stars, and the birds of the air (among a myriad of things and people).

However, let us keep it more simple than “celebrities.” How about the air that keeps us breathing, water, and what it does for the soul, planting and harvesting, how it works. O LORD, how manifold are Your works.

With wisdom, the LORD has made them all and the earth, no matter how bad mankind is trying to destroy the earth, it is still full of the ALMIGHTY’s riches.

Praise the Most-High today!

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Psalm 104 King James Version (KJV)

19 He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down.

20 Thou makest darkness, and it is night: wherein all the beasts of the forest do creep forth.

21 The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God.

22 The sun ariseth, they gather themselves together, and lay them down in their dens.

23 Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening.

24 O Lord, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches.

25 So is this great and wide sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts.

26 There go the ships: there is that leviathan, whom thou hast made to play therein.

27 These wait all upon thee; that thou mayest give them their meat in due season.

28 That thou givest them they gather: thou openest thine hand, they are filled with good.

29 Thou hidest thy face, they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they die, and return to their dust.

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