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exalt himself shall be abased

Verse of the Day, September 10, 2019

Matthew 23:12 KJV “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

The Father is not in the business of babies with no real power giving their glory to another or even to themselves. What that means is that we humans are the babies, we have the power to do a lot of things, yet the power is the Almighty’s.

As far as real power, we don’t have that; we can’t keep ourselves alive, we can’t go back a day or two, we can’t measure wind or weigh fire. We can’t recreate an earth of our very own. Yes, we’re very limited. So much for exalting ourselves because we started a business, or we became the world’s best golfer or league scoring champ.

So much for exalting ourselves because we can catch on to super mathematical equations or formulas. If we do not give glory to the HIGHEST for the limited power He has given, we have completely missed the point. Thus, whosoever exalts him or herself will be abased or brought down.

Those who remain humble, in time, will be exalted, and this exaltation will come from the LORD POWER of Israel.

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